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Fact sheet

Foreign Exchange

Mock-up Product FX

Streamline your foreign exchange (FX) processes and enhance your treasury operations with Cobase's integrated cash management platform. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing FX transactions through third-party platforms or banks, and embrace a seamless, secure, and auditable solution.Fast, Accurate, and Secure FX Trading

Cobase connects you to multiple bank and non-bank FX providers, offering quick access to FX spot and (linear) derivative quotes. Enjoy direct integration with the regulated global FX marketplace, 360T, for even more options. Execute trades with your preferred provider, all within the secure Cobase environment.

Automated FX Exposure Management and HedgingTake your FX exposure management to new heights with Cobase's intelligent platform. Our system automatically calculates hedging positions based on your currency exposures and recommends trades to mitigate FX risk, ensuring compliance with your hedging policy.

Discover the full benefits of Cobase's integrated FX solution by downloading our fact sheet today. Learn how Cobase can revolutionize your FX transactions, risk management, and overall treasury operations.

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