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Bank Connector

Bank connector clients have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their cloud-based ERP systems, including Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and SAP S/4HANA, with their respective banks. This integration enables them to conveniently send payments and effortlessly receive Balance and Transaction Information directly within their ERP system. Additionally, clients have the option to further enhance their solution by upgrading to a cutting-edge Payment Hub or Treasury Management System.


After a tiring day, you're left with a pile of invoices waiting to be paid in the ERP system.

Each invoice requires payment at the specific bank it belongs to, and navigating through different bank portals becomes a tedious task.

Logging in, logging out. Repeat.

Isn't there a simpler solution?

Absolutely! Introducing the Cobase Bank Connector - the ultimate link between your company's cloud ERP or accounting system and your bank. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple banks, as this connector streamlines the entire process, whether you work with one bank or several.

Cobase diagram payments
Cobase scheme simple

Many companies rely on cloud-based ERP or accounting systems, but unfortunately, these systems lack a standardized interface with banks. As a result, executing payments, checking receivables, and monitoring cash positions becomes a challenging task, often leading to errors and security concerns when employees resort to manual banking activities outside the ERP or accounting system. This not only adds to the already burdensome and time-consuming process for your colleagues but also becomes even more complicated if your company works with multiple banks.

Introducing the Cobase Bank Connector, the ultimate solution for finance and IT departments utilizing cloud-based ERP or accounting systems.

Our innovative Bank Connector offers a seamless interface with your company's bank(s), empowering employees to effortlessly carry out banking activities directly through your very own ERP or accounting system.


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