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The 7 habits of highly effective treasurers

Why are some treasury teams more adept at managing the financial challenges faced by their enterprises than others? There are seven key habits that are continuously practised by successful treasurers.

New developments in bank connectivity

New developments in bank connectivity will enable major improvements for companies working with multiple bank accounts. There are however conditions to successfully implement new bank connectivity solutions.

Reading our white paper: ‘New developments in bank connectivity offer benefits for treasury and cash management’ will prepare you for the future.


Making the most of automation

Making the most of automation

We have previously identified automating critical workflows as one of the key components of intelligent treasury management. There are many aspects of the treasury function where..

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Making cash management processes work for business

Cash management strategies have come under intense scrutiny of late as a result of various geopolitical and economic factors. Industry surveys point to corporates becoming more..

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Embracing the future

In the final blog in this series we look at how digital transformation impacts skills requirements, how APIs are enabling more accurate and timely decision making, and key..

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All above board

Before sending a payment to a bank, a check on beneficiary account changes compared to previous payments made to the same beneficiary/vendor can point to invoice fraud. Checking..

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Making the right connections

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and more recently the geopolitical disruptions,  treasury teams have been operating in a uniquely demanding environment that has..

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The value of making timely use of data

Since the start of the pandemic, the unprecedented financial stresses companies have underlined the potential consequences of underestimating risks and the value of building..

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Balancing short and long term needs

In the final blog in this series we look at how to identify the right bank connectivity partner for your company to maximise the benefits of open banking.

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Cashing in on optimisation

Careful planning significantly boosts the chances of a cash management optimisation project being implemented successfully.

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Making the most of Open Banking for corporates

Open Banking has come a long way in just a few years. Many banks around the world now offer APIs for account reporting or payment initiation, and several banks also offer other..

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How companies can improve their multibank cash management

The complexity of corporate structures and the disparate relationships that develop over the lifetime of an organisation mean managing bank interactions has become a complex task. 

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