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Visibility, Control & Efficiency

Cobase provides a single point of access to bank accounts and other products and services from many banks and financial service providers. Three products with optional modules are available, so we can always provide the optimal solution for every case. 

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Bank Connector

Basic yet powerful integration between a company's cloud based ERP system and banks.  Bank accounts are connected in a secure way to send payment files and receive electronic bank statements.


Payment Hub

Powerful solution for companies that need extensive bank connectivity. Connect ERP systems and manage bank accounts via one central portal with one central user administration and flexible workflows.

Treasury System

All functionality of the Payment Hub plus optional modules for efficient day-to-day treasury management such as FX management, liquidity forecasting, in-house banking and cash pooling.


Sit back and relax and watch in 10 to 20 minutes our webinars that give a general overview or zoom in on a specific topic. Watch and learn more about Cobase and see our platform!

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Contact us if you are interested to learn more about Cobase. We can discuss your specific requirements and determine which modules of Cobase are most suitable for your organisation.

What we solve for our customers

Does your company use cloud based ERP or accounting software?

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Companies using a cloud based ERP or accounting software often have no connectivity between their ERP / accounting software and their bank portal. 

This means that execution and management of authorizations are activities that take place outside of the ERP/accounting system and require many manual processes to keep bank and ERP data in sync.

Does your company work with multiple banks?

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Companies that work with multiple banks need to execute payments, manage authorizations, and monitor cash in multiple bank portals.

This requires multiple tokens to be managed, several working procedures to adhere to, and moreover, manual consolidation of financial data coming from multiple sources. Often multiple interfaces between finance software and banking systems are in operation and need to be maintained.

Does your company forecast and manage liquidity and FX, and optimize cash positions over multiple banks and accounts?

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Companies that need to actively forecast and manage their liquidity, manage their foreign currency exposure, and optimize cash positions over multiple banks and accounts may even face larger issues because they have to work in multiple bank portals.

Executing these tasks spread over multiple bank portals is far from easy, and by no means efficient.

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