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Cobase and BDO Announce Strategic Partnership

Thu, Jan 18, 2024

Cobase and BDO are delighted to announce their strategic partnership. Our shared vision aims to provide businesses with superior financial and banking integration services, transcending specific ERP systems to redefine how companies handle their banking operations. 

BDO Belgium came in contact with Cobase during the implementation of Oracle NetSuite at their clients. Several of them started asking for more connectivity with their bank accounts, often across multiple banks in multiple countries. On top of that, these accounts also had to be flawlessly integrated with their ERP solution.  

As part of its solution offering, Cobase offers a SuiteApp. The Cobase SuiteApp natively connects to NetSuite and unlocks the bank connectivity solutions the BDO’s NetSuite clients are looking for. This solution not only brings the added value of integrated bank connectivity, but has additional built-in features that bring the handling of bank payments to a higher level of automation, compliance and control .  

Wannes Rousseau of BDO: 
"We are excited to work with Cobase’s robust banking solutions into our financial services suite. This partnership will create a cohesive, efficient, and tailored banking experience for our clients, irrespective of their chosen ERP system." 

Daan Kurvers,  SuiteApp Sales Manager Consultant Cobase   
"Our alliance with BDO represents a significant step towards simplifying and optimizing financial management and bank integration for ERP-users. This collaboration allows us to extend our bank connectivity offer and automation capabilities to a wider group of ERP  users, dramatically improving the way their businesses interact with banks." 

For inquiries or more details, the Cobase and BDO teams are just a message away. 

About BDO: 
BDO is an internationally active consultancy firm with a solid reputation in financial services (Audit & Assurance, Tax & Legal, Accounting & Reporting) and complementary, specialized advice to support clients towards futureproof and sustainable growth (Advisory). The company embodies a dedicated commitment to delivering exceptional client service. With deep-rooted industry expertise, BDO offers tailored solutions that align with the unique business objectives of its clients. On top of that BDO is your go-to partner for comprehensive ERP strategy alignment, rapid deployment, and world-class project management. With an unwavering focus on delivering quality implementations that meet your budget and timeline, BDO offers Cobase a partnership based on human connections and tangible results. 

About Cobase: 
Cobase is an innovative financial management solution, that enables companies to efficiently manage cash across its full banking group With more than 500 bank connections live and access to over 15,000 banks globally, Cobase offers seamless banking experiences. At its core, Cobase stands out with a robust payment hub and cash management tool. The platform offers automated payments, seamless bank integration, and compatibility with any ERP or other systems you need to connect.  On top of that, the treasury modules meet the demands of today's treasury and finance teams , providing businesses with an efficient means of managing and controlling their cash.The treasury modules offer cutting-edge tools for foreign exchange trading, hedging, cash and liquidity forecasting, as well as in-house banking and cash pooling.