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Treasury Dragons Cash Visibility Session

Cobase faces the Treasury Dragons on Cash Visibility

Tue, Nov 1, 2022

Where is my cash? Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and more recently the geopolitical disruptions, treasury teams have been operating in a uniquely demanding environment that has stretched resources and ingenuity to the limit. Never have treasurers had to cope with so many different factors at the same time.

The challenge is exacerbated by the fact that corporates are often composed of multiple subsidiaries working in a number of different currencies with a variety of banks with which they will typically hold numerous accounts.

Multiple cash management banking relationships make managing payments and cash visibility a cumbersome process that involves logging in and out of different bank portals and managing disparate authorisation schemes while trying to ensure that bank data and data in ERP or accounting systems is synchronised.

In some organisations, managing cash positions over multiple banks and accounts remains a manual process, increasing the possibility of human error. When looking to execute sophisticated liquidity forecasting and/or manage foreign currency exposure, this process may become significantly more difficult and riskier.

Join this Treasury Dragons session and find out why Cobase is the universal leader in cash visibility and bank connectivity with its unique connectivity capabilities. See you on Tuesday the 8th of November at 16:00 CET.


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