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Treasury Dragons Cash Forecasting

Discover the Power of Cobase's Cash Forecasting at Treasury Dragons

Tue, Feb 28, 2023

Accurately predicting future cash positions, avoiding cash shortages, and investing surplus cash to generate extra income are essential for efficient treasury management. However, creating an accurate cash flow forecast is often challenging, and manual processes using spreadsheets and multiple bank downloads make the task even more difficult.

Thankfully, Cobase, as a leading treasury technology firm, provides cutting-edge solutions that automate and streamline the cash flow forecasting process for corporate treasury. Cobase's advanced technology helps businesses to collect data from multiple sources and generates accurate cash flow forecasts, making it an essential tool for effective treasury management.

On Tuesday, March 14th, 2023, at 15:00 (CET), the Treasury Dragons online session will feature a live session with real corporate treasurers. This event provides a unique opportunity to witness the power of Cobase's cash forecasting system alongside other industry solutions such as Agicap, ION Group, TIS, and Coupa.

By attending this online debate, participants will have the chance to see the highlights of each treasury-enhancing system and evaluate their benefits. The panel of experienced treasury professionals will ask challenging questions to the solution providers, providing valuable insights into how each system performs in practice.

Join this online debate, the latest in a series of Treasury Dragons events, and discover the most innovative treasury technology solutions available. Witness first-hand how Cobase's cash flow forecasting system can transform your treasury management processes, helping you to make more informed decisions and achieve financial success.