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New Partnership: Novutech & Cobase

Mon, Sep 18, 2023

Cobase and Novutech, the leading consulting firm specialized in NetSuite ERP integrations, are proud to announce their strategic partnership. 

Joost Kevelam, CCO of Cobase, states, "The future of corporate banking hinges on integration and efficiency. The Cobase Bank Connector SuiteApp for Oracle NetSuite embodies this vision. By partnering with Novutech we bring this vision ever closer to the end-user.  We simplify and streamline the world of finance teams everywhere, while ensuring the NetSuite angle is in the hands of a highly reputable partner such as Novutech. A great synergy for all users in the ecosystem.  

With over 15,000 integrated banks via the Cobase platform, the Cobase Bank Connector promises to transform manual processes and IT complexities: delivering automated payment processing, enhanced compliance, centralized bank connections, and professional implementation support. 

In combination with the available reconciliation tools  this is a game-changer for businesses, allowing users to match their bank transactions with corresponding entries in Oracle NetSuite. Compatibility with third-party reconciliation solutions like Zone Reconcile (formerly known as FastFour)  ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency for users. 

"The essence of Novutech has always been to redefine business processes for the better," says Jan Snyers, Sales & Marketing Director at Novutech. "In partnership with Cobase, we're offering an unprecedented solution for banking integration with Oracle NetSuite." Jan adds, "In comparaison to our inhouse developed bank connection tool, Cobase offers more value in terms of cash management, as well as bank connectivity around the globe.”

Discover the Cobase difference today and embark on a journey towards simpler, more efficient corporate banking with Novutech by your side. 

For further information, please reach out to Novutech or Cobase. 

About  Novutech: Founded in 2019 and with offices in the Benelux, France and Denmark, Novutech is a rapidly growing digitalization partner to midsize companies across Europe. Created with a vision to redefine business processes, Novutech specializes in Cloud ERP solutions for scale-ups and growth companies in Software, Professional Services and Commerce. With a team of certified NetSuite business and technical consultants, Novutech is at the forefront of digital transformation, helping businesses achieve their goals in the cloud.

About Cobase: Founded in 2017, Cobase is an innovative, cloud-based provider of bank connectivity technology that enables corporates to manage their banking relationships, accounts, and transaction activity via one single interface. In doing so, the company unlocks significant operational and financial efficiencies, especially for international businesses with multiple banking counterparties across the world.