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EVOS client testimonial DACT Treasury Fair 2022

Pim Bezemer, Group Manager of Business Control & Treasury of Evos, presented together with Joost Kevelam how his organization has successfully implemented the Cobase solution to streamline the Payments and Cash Management domain of Evos on an international scale. 








How to implement a Treasury System fast with EVOS

Evos is an international and independent energy storage company that operates a network of premium tank terminals. Evos terminals are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Malta. Evos expects to increase its global footprint in the future.

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General introduction to Cobase

At Cobase, we believe that corporate banking can be made much simpler and more efficient than it is today, especially in the area of payments and cash management.

Payments & cash management

Cobase provides connectivity to multiple banks, directly from your ERP or via a portal. This enables you to execute payments and receivables and cash monitoring.

Liquidity forecasting

Liquidity forecasting helps optimize liquidity. Short-term and mid-term forecasting of cash flow and account balances is based on actual bank balances, high-level budgets, uncommitted and committed transactions.

FX & FX hedging

Trade FX products (spot, forward, swap), calculate FX exposure and automatically hedge it.  Define your FX hedge policy. Budget, uncommitted and committed transactions can be entered into the system. Automatic calculation of required hedging based on policy and exposure.

In-house banking

Intracompany accounts can be set up. Cash pooling transactions can be automatically tagged. Intracompany bookings can be used to reduce the number of physical payments. Automatically maintain the intracompany loan administration and calculate interest positions at self-defined rates.

Cash pooling T.B.A.

Supports funding and sweeping across multiple banks. Accounts from different banks can be linked and target balances set. The system can transfer funds between accounts to optimize cash balances.

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