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A reality check on Open Banking and other new bank connectivity solutions

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'New developments in bank connectivity'

Benefits for treasury and cash management


Prepare for new developments in bank connectivity 

New developments in bank connectivity will enable major improvements for companies working with multiple bank accounts. There are however conditions to successfully implement new bank connectivity solutions.

Reading our white paper: ‘New developments in bank connectivity offer benefits for treasury and cash management’ will prepare you for the future.

The key messages of this white paper : 

  • Working with multiple bank accounts and treasury management systems is far from an easy task
  • Current bank connectivity solutions and treasury solutions make life easier but are still far from optimal
  • Real-life practical examples do prove the business value of improved bank connectivity
  • To avoid pitfalls, corporate treasurers and cash managers should carefully strategize before deploying new bank connectivity solutions
  • In selecting a bank connectivity partner, one must focus on the business benefits rather than on merely technological aspects

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Download the white paper