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Empowering Treasuries in a Digital Age

DACT Treasury Fair 2024 - Empowering Treasuries in a Digital Age

Wed, Feb 14, 2024

Meet Cobase at the DACT Treasury Fair 2024, set to take place on March 14 and 15 at the Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol. This event marks the 20th edition of the premier gathering for treasury and financial professionals in the Netherlands.

Cobase will showcase its innovative Balance Optimization and Cash Pooling module, designed to meet the complex needs of treasurers in the current financial climate. With features that automate cash management and optimize liquidity, this module enhances your treasury operations.

Additionally, the fair will feature a workshop highlighting the fruitful partnership between Cobase and Lely, offering attendees insights into effective treasury management strategies. The DACT Treasury Fair promises to be an invaluable opportunity for professionals to explore the latest in treasury solutions, network with peers, and gain practical insights into managing today's financial challenges.

Cobase Balance Optimization and Cash Pooling module 

Treasurers in medium to large enterprises facing the post-negative interest rate era. They are focused on strategically utilizing liquidity, reducing reliance on bank facilities, and maximizing returns on distributed cash. This module offers them a solution to navigate these challenges with automated, efficient liquidity management.

The module directly addresses treasurers' needs in the current financial climate. It expertly maximizes returns on scattered corporate funds and minimizes external financing dependencies. This module is a key strategy enabler, it empowers treasurers to automate and enhance their balance and interest rate management effortlessly.
Cobase's Balance Optimization automates cash centralization and subsidiary funding for corporate treasury teams. By setting thresholds, it triggers automatic payments to maintain target balances in group accounts. This solution, focusing on Treasury Operations, streamlines cash management with customizable scheduling and secure, rule-based automation without needing repetitive authorizations.
Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model offers businesses a solution with minimal IT impact, thus reducing total cost of ownership. We manage all the complexity of bank connectivity, delivering a streamlined experience through our secure cloud environment.

Date & Time: 14 March, 14:55 – 15:25
Language: Dutch
Speaker: Joost Kevelam, CCO at Cobase


Cultivating Success: The Treasury Strategy Behind Lely's Global Expansion with Cobase

The workshop will offer a multi-dimensional view into the journey of Lely’s treasury operations and its strategic choices, significantly enhanced through its partnership with Cobase. The focus will be twofold:

Lely’s Treasury Evolution:
Decisions and strategies that have guided Lely’s treasury operations over the years.
The role of treasury in supporting Lely’s growth from a local entity to an international brand.
The challenges Lely faced in managing an increasingly complex financial landscape.

The Lely-Cobase Partnership:
Need Identification & Vendor Selection Process
Implementation and Adoption
The efficiencies in Payment Authorization
Key Performance Indicators and Realized Benefits

About Lely’s Corporate Landscape:

  • The key strategic choices that have shaped Lely’s treasury operations over time.
  • How treasury has been instrumental in Lely’s transition from a local Dutch company to an international brand.
  • The financial challenges Lely encountered while growing and how they managed them.
  • What went into Lely’s decision to partner with Cobase for their treasury needs, including the practical benefits realized.
  • This presentation will provide practical insights into modern treasury management by examining Lely’s partnership with Cobase.

Learning Goal:
Participants will gain a well-rounded understanding of advanced treasury management systems, directly from Lely’s experience. The session will cover:

Date & Time: 15 March, 13:00 – 13:45
Language: English
Speakers: Ben Dassen, Head of Treasury at Lely & Joost Kevelam, CCO at Cobase