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Client Stories

At Cobase, we believe that our customers are the best to tell our story and what our solution solves for them in their daily business.



Stahl is the world leader in the specialty chemistry of coatings, processing and treatments. 2,000 employees in 27 countries work every day on technologies and processes that improve the products people use. 


Stahl faced the challenge of chasing people for electronic signatures and keeping track of signatories’ calendars. Restoring forgotten or mistyped pin codes for the various portals and accounts consumed a lot of time. On top of that, managing individual user profiles in various bank platforms often offered limited possibilities. In addition, the board of directors of Stahl wanted to have daily visibility on bank balances and to get rid of all the different electronic banking systems.


“Not having to chase people for electronic signatures and keep track of signatories’ calendars, or restore forgotten or mistyped pin codes, saves us a lot of time."

Erwin de Bruijn | Treasury Officer at Stahl Holding BV

Major time savings

Implementing Cobase saves a lot of time and costs by providing access to efficient information flows in a user-friendly interface. Cobase provides daily insight into actual balances at entities globally rather than daily reported balances of the ERP system, which are often not up to date. Stahl chose Cobase to be able to work with a bank independent electronic banking system and because the platform works intuitively and offers value for money.

Daily visibility

The Cobase platform offers a number of benefits for Stahl. The main driver was to provide the board of directors daily visibility on bank balances and ultimately eliminate the use of the various electronic banking systems. Via the Cobase platform, Stahl can centrally manage all their bank signatories, rather than managing individual user profiles in various bank platforms, which often have limited possibilities. Stahl considers expanding their initial set-up with treasury management modules. 

Key gains

  • Eliminate the use of various electronic banking systems
  • Insight into actual balances at entities globally
  • Centrally managing all bank signatories


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What our clients say:


"Cobase offers a unique and standardized way to process payments, leading to the reduction of bank portals and associated tokens."

Mekki Weydert
Treasury Manager | Scotch & Soda


“We have much better insight into the group’s cash position on a daily basis via Cobase. And the payment process is fully streamlined now. Our end goal is to get rid of electronic banking systems altogether.”

Erwin de Bruijn
Treasury Officer | Stahl Holding B.V.